About Monyka Berrocosa


Who I am, and why I do what I do?

I am an Entrepreneurship expert with over 2 decades of proven success. I'm a Coach, Change Design Expert, Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, and a Perpetual Student of change, as well as the  Founder of Inceptio Strategy. Inceptio evolved from my marketing consulting practice of nearly 20 years towards a change navigation and design practice. I am fascinated by change and the good it brings. As well as how adversity or difficult periods of it can transform people, businesses, and projects beyond belief for the good. I am a change bender, and I work with change for the better.

I work with individuals, organizations, small businesses, and enterprise companies to offer experienced, strategic, change design to help them reach their desired outcomes, at times navigating extreme challenges or just to capitalize on new energy.

My core competencies include entrepreneurship, coaching, business planning, brand strategy and management, experience optimization, marketing strategy, revenue model development and optimization, funding, capital management, networking, and online and offline communications. I am expert in all forms of digital and conventional media strategy. US import/export market development for products and services, known or seeking to be identified as best in class. I love to work with passionate artists who long to live from doing what they love.

A published author and Special Event producer since 1999 I am a guide and consultant to successful professionals, solopreneurs, creative entrepreneurs, as well as enterprise companies and organizations in the US, Canada, Africa and Europe.

If I can't help you, I will be honest enough to tell you so and help you find the right person who can. Change is good....you'll see.